Hair transplantation: Optimal attention to your needs

Welcome to Hair Transplant Clinic Theo Zantman – the earliest hair transplant clinic in the Netherlands which pays optimal attention to your needs.

Are you feeling strained by the effects of hair loss? Hair Transplant Clinic Theo Zantman offers both men and women the option of a hair transplant procedure to combat the unpleasant effects of hair loss. We are performing treatments since 1976 and after following many developments in this area we are known to be specialists in the field of hair transplantation.

Our doctors apply the world’s accumulated knowledge about hair transplant procedures.. We are member of the international organizations that conduct research using the best techniques for hair transplantation and the optimal treatment methods. Thus we have access tot the data and different experiences that scientists and specialists exchange.

Patients find it reassuring to know that they are in reliable hands. It generates a feeling of confidence, knowing that our physicians and staff provide them with expert advice concerning their options and the treatment of the scalp both before and after surgery.

Our extensive knowledge concerning the characteristics of hairs and skin along with a rigorous selection of treatment materials, explain our good results. Add that to our experience with lasers, hair roots and skin healing, and you to will find yourself in trustworthy hands.

Hair Transplant Clinic Theo Zantman is committed to discretion and protecting your privacy. Of course we will not send you any unwanted mail and we will carry out your treatment as discretely as you might expect.

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