Hair transplant: Optimal attention to your needs

Welcome to Theo Zantman Clinic, your medical specialist in hair transplants

Deciding to undergo a hair transplant is a decision for life. We know it’s a big step to actually plan an appointment. And whom is worthy of your trust? You want a reliable clinic with expert and experienced practitioners. Hair Transplant Clinic Theo Zantman has been a resounding name in the medical world since 1976. It is the most longstanding clinic in the Netherlands performing hair transplantation surgery. You will be personally attended to during the entire treatment, including of course both pre-operative and post-operative care. Theo Zantman Clinic treats its patients as real life people with personal wishes. We cordially welcome you!

Are you troubled by alopecia or complete hair loss? Hair Transplant Clinic Theo Zantman offers men as well as women the opportunity to counter the effects of hair loss. Forget the advertisements for caffeine shampoo, forget the hair repair. The only thing that could effectively work is a hair transplant.

In our small scale clinic, you will be cared for by specialized doctors. A hair transplant requires well-grounded research and professional implementation. We possess substantial (international) knowledge of the characteristics of hair and skin. We offer you the opportunity for a tailor made hair transplant that fits your personal situation.
We perform smaller treatments (eyebrow filling or a small area transplant) as well as large procedures (transplanting a few thousand grafts). In some cases we perform a treatment in several stages.

Honest and objective
In rare cases we might advise you not to have a hair transplant, for instance if your donor area provides transplant material that is insufficiently suitable. In that case, we can not adequately assess the final quality of the treatment. Theo Zantman Clinic pays optimum attention to your wishes, but remains honest, fair and objectively concerning the possibilities. In case treatment would not be in your best interest, we are open and honest about it. So regardless of whether we will be performing your hair transplant, Theo Zantman Clinic aims for the best possible results!

Theo Zantman Clinic has a hands on mentality that’s typical for Rotterdam. Accepting offerings from clinics abroad may seem to be a wise decision, but these foreign clinics often offer poorer aftercare unless – of course- you pay extra. Even some attractive package deals offered in the Netherlands can have a snag. In our clinic we offer an all-in rate. We don’t keep prices low by using hidden costs, but charge a fair price for craftsmanship that will last for years.

Hair Transplant Clinic Theo Zantman values privacy and discretion. Of course we will not send you any unwanted mail and we strive to perform your transplant as unnoted as possible.

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